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Dear guest,
are you in search of restful and relaxed holidays away from the hectic pace of the big resorts? Then you need look no further! We invite you to visit or "Places of Power"! Embark on a mystical journey through time and learn about the history and stories of the Middle Age. Come explore our surroundings and your inner self. The beauty of the nature, the peace and quiet that surround you, are conducive to peaceful relaxation and make you forget about everyday life the minute you arrive.
On Gaicht pass the walker is confronted with self-assessment and conceitedness.
Keyword: Daredevilry rarely pays!

At Schloss im Loch, a mysterious ledge, visitors have to deal with humility and arrogance.

Frauenwald forest and Frauensee lake are place inviting you to ponder love.

Magnus Seat encourages you to question loyalty and permanence.

At Hochschanz castle ruin you learn to confront your fears.

Ottilien chapel is an idyllic place emitting goodness and sympathy.

Ehernberger Klause asks visitors to know their bounds.

Ehrenberg ruine, start and finish of the Trail of Virtue, is the place where you can take tests (abseiling, crossing a beam etc.).

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