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Bird-watching tower

Regiunea parcului natural Reutte Tirol
An impressible 17 meter-high building, it invites to watch birds. It allows you to see the treetops and the interesting habitats that are to be found there. Some characteristic birds can be easily watched from three. The numerous pools and lakes in this area are a paradise for birds.

Pflach Bird Watching Adventure Trail

Regiunea parcului natural Reutte Tirol
The observation tower would not be complete without a bird watching adventure trail. We see and hear birds, and the adventure trails invites you to:

WATCH: From the observation tower and the embankments, patient bird-watchers can see most of the species.

LISTEN: Alert bird-watchers can hear many bird calls near the bushes and ponds. However, the 30 most important sounds can also be listened to at our 5 bird watch stations. The only thing you need to provide is energy. Listen, enjoy, and learn!

UNDERSTAND BIRDS: There are five audiovisual information points which present interesting facts about 5 typical species. You will learn how they survive and what makes their habitats so unique.

TEST YOURSELF AND PLAY: In the tower, there is a quiz wall, where you can test your knowledge and memory. There are also five themed information points, where you can take a bird sounds quiz.


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