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Home » Summer » Five Crystal-Clear Lakes
Five Crystal-Clear Lakes
Our lakes are famous for their excellent water quality and tempt you to swim, dive, sail, windsurf and fish ....

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The Plansee and Heiterwang Lakes

A paradise for sailors and surfers, but also for swimmers and anglers. A trip on one of the Heiterwang and Plansee boats is another experience you will not easily forget!
More information onThe Plansee and Heiterwang Lakes
Lake Urisee

The Urisee Lake

The Urisee Lake lies in a depression in an idyllic setting and is very popular with the natives! After a mountain tour - for example, up to the 'Dürrnberger Alm' or even after a day's work - cooling off in the clear water of the lake is a refreshing experience!
More information onThe Urisee Lake
Lake Frauensee

The Frauensee Lake

The hidden, mysterious Frauensee Lake is something for the romantics amongst us! The lake also serves as a starting point for hiking trips: for example, over the 'Hahle' to the Musauer Alm mountain hut.

More information onThe Frauensee Lake
Lake Alatsee

The Alatsee Lake

The Alatsee Lake lies at an altitude of 842 metres near the town of Vils. With its quiet trails in the surroundings, the Alatsee Lake is ideal for every nature lover.

More information onThe Alatsee Lake
Lake Lechausee near Weißenbach

The Lechausee Lake

The lake is to be found in a lovely setting among the mountains. It is rather small in size and also not very deep (maximum 6 metres).
More information onThe Lechausee Lake
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