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Nordic Walking
In the Nature Park Region of Reutte you may practise this popular sport in winter too!
Nordic Walking
Nordic Walking is training for the whole body. Stretching exercises, strengthening exercises and a variety of Nordic Walking techniques are carried out by means of special carbon poles.
Nordic Walking, when properly practised, improves your physical fitness and strengthens your heart and circulatory system.Weight is reduced, and also the upper part of the body is strengthened when using the poles properly. The strain on your joints is reduced and mobility in the shoulder and neck is improved.

The following stretches are at your disposal:

The Lech trail on the banks of the river.

This is a lovely stretch along the Lech river.
The starting point for this splendid walking trail is below the the river bridge in Lechaschau (near the church). Stretch:4.8 kilometres, and a tour for beginners.

Panorama Walking 1
Through woods, fields and meadows around Wängle.
Starting point in Wängle at the sports field or in Holz; a stretch of 5.5 kilometres, a tour for the more advanced. The trail is open both in summer and in winter, also as a jogging and hiking trail.
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