Ehrenberg Castle Ensemble

The Ehrenberg Castle Ensemble and the ‘Klause’

On top of a craggy crest above a gorge to the south of Reutte soar the formidable ruins of the Ehrenberg Fortress, the Claudia Fortress, the ‘Schlosskopf‘ fortification and the Ehrenberg ‘Klause‘. On the valley floor the old toll house – the ‘Klause’ – has come back to life. Since time immemorial the route over the ‘Fernpass’ (mountain pass) was the most popular trade route from north to south and vice versa. The Roman road, the Via Claudia Augusta, led through the Ehrenberg gorge. Today the tracks of the Romans can be followed along the popular long-distance cycle trail Via Claudia Augusta from Augsburg to Florence.

The Ehrenberg Castle Ensemble is counted among the oldest fortifications in the north of the foothills of the Tyrolean Alps. Since 2014 the medieval ruins have been enriched by a further attraction – the highline179. This is the longest pedestrian suspension bridge in Tibetan style in the world and connects at a dizzying height what was once separated by cannon fire: the ruined fortress of Ehrenberg and the Claudia Fortress.

Visitors can walk on well-prepared paths from the ‘Klause‘ in the valley up to the castles. Our younger guests will be highly diverted when taking part in an exciting treasure hunt – searching for the magical Ehrenberg Sword or the legendary Schlosskopf Treasure. Brochures for the treasure hunt as well as souvenirs can be obtained at the information and visitor’s centre in the ‘Ehrenberg Klause.’

Every year on the last weekend in July the Ehrenberg Castle Ensemble transforms itself again into a medieval fortress as it once was: the Jousting Tournament and Medieval Festival take place. This is a fantastic spectacle revolving around the Middle Ages with jousting, medieval market, processions, concerts and fireworks, which regularly attract thousands of visitors.

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