Lumagica Ehrenberg The history

The historical castle ruin Ehrenberg, which is a special crowd puller especially in the summer months, now becomes a magical place for the first time also in the dark season - namely when luminous mythical creatures, historical light figures, as well as a colorful crowd of forest animals move into the area of the castle world Ehrenberg.


Many stories and legends have arisen around Ehrenberg Castle in the last centuries.

One of the most famous is probably the one about the knight Rüdiger and the dragon "Feuermaul", which tells of the brave knight being supported by the dragon Feuermaul in protecting the castle and the Klausen forest from evil-doers. When the two discover that the magical dragon crystal, to which the dragon owes his special powers, has disappeared without a trace, an adventurous search begins. Because one thing is clear: the crystal must be found again at all costs, because otherwise the dragon Fire Mouth would lose his power and energy and turn into a stone figure.

The thematic staging of the Lichterpark is based on and inspired by this tale:  On the circular route through Ehrenberg Castle, visitors accompany Ritter Rüdiger on his exciting journey to find the magical dragon crystal again.



Already upon arrival at the Klause, the glow of the illuminated buildings and glittering trees captivates the visitors*. Where once there was a customs post, a storage facility and a defense installation, there is now a meeting place with a restaurant, hotel, museum and event locations. Illuminated native animals welcome the visitors and show the way to the magical LUMAGICA light park. From the hermitage, they can walk through the wintry forest on the footpath for about 15 minutes, or more comfortably by inclined elevator - the "Ehrenberg Liner" - to the entrance of the park of lights.


Through a baroque portal, visitors enter the castle forecourt and, surrounded by music and dancing light trees, dive into the story - the exciting search for the dragon crystal begins.

Ehrenberg Castle is enthroned above, its majestic facade presented in a festive light and attracting all eyes. The luminous light installations form an enchanting contrast with the historic walls, creating the special atmosphere of LUMAGICA Ehrenberg. The light trail leads visitors through variously designed sceneries. After a short climb, visitors reach the outer castle gate and pass a guard in the forecourt of the ruins. Here, visitors meet the "unctuous women" who shed many a tear at the castle in earlier times. Where these were shed, "always red roses" grow, which present themselves in most beautiful bloom in the course of LUMAGICA. The circular route continues across the Falcon Meadow, where a sword fight between "fire and ice" - giant icicles paired with a rush of fire - takes place. Their visit then becomes a bit more dreamy when they encounter a "star girl". But there's no time to linger, because there are many other exciting areas to explore, such as the forest of animals, the wonderfully colorful "realm of fish", but also the dark area of the "Ehrenberg cat". There is even a rock passage to wander through and explore. Knight Rüdiger leads his companions through all the adventures and in the end ensures a good ending: the iridescent glowing dragon crystal is found and Dragon Firemouth and Ehrenberg are saved.


Along the light trail, for which you should plan about an hour, there are always magnificent views of the festively illuminated castle ruins and their surroundings.

A total of more than 170 light objects, as well as music-synchronous light productions and interactive elements, line the circular route of the park of lights. LUMAGICA visitors also have the opportunity to cross the well-known pedestrian suspension bridge highline179 and marvel at the illuminated silhouette of the castle ruins from the opposite side and capture the LUMAGICA experience in a personal souvenir photo at the photo point there.


Armin Walch, Managing Director of the Castle World Ehrenberg Association, is delighted about the new attraction in the coming winter:

"The format LUMAGICA light park represents a further enrichment of the year-round cultural tourism offer in the castle world Ehrenberg".


"The eventful history of the Ehrenberg castle ruins enables us to tell a truly captivating story with our light objects.

In combination with the wintry nature, unique points of contact arise to let the visitors* immerse themselves in a fantastic world. The staging is sure to be lumagical," says Thomas Mark, president of MK Illumination, which organizes LUMAGICA in close cooperation with the Ehrenberg Castle World Association.