Reutte on Ice Useful information

The ice surfaces with skateways that are being created for the first time promise 2,080 m² of ice skating fun right in the heart of Reutte. But that's not all - as soon as dusk falls, light displays transform the park into a true fairyland. The magical atmosphere invites you to let yourself be enchanted.

Behaviour rules

General rules of conduct for using the ice rink and ice rink:

Run clockwise and do not obstruct other people. Help people who cannot get up and behave properly. Do not endanger other people. Helmets are required for children up to 14 years! It is forbidden ...

...entering the place with glass bottles and dangerous objects smoke at the ice skating rink

... to enter the ice skating rink without an admission ticket

... entering the ice rink without skates

...playing ice hockey with a hard puck Liability:


The operator is not liable for private items and valuables that are left unattended in the changing area or in the vicinity of the ice skating rink! He also assumes no liability for injuries or physical damage that you may sustain while ice skating. Use of the ice skating surface is at YOUR OWN risk! The operator reserves the right to close or close the slope for technical or weather-related reasons, to maintain the ice skating surface even during public skating and to expel people from the ice surface who do not adhere to the rules!