Many opportunities for Diving

Five crystal clear lakes are located in the beautiful nature park region of Reutte. Excellent water quality as well as the unique color of the lakes attract many enthusiastic water sports enthusiasts but also connoisseurs. Do you feel like diving into the water to have an overwhelming view of the underwater world?

In the nature park region Reutte you are exactly right if you want to dare a jump into the cold water. Our crystal clear lakes invite you to dive in. In a group or just the two of you - everyone will find their fun and variety here. There are three lakes in the Reutte Nature Park region where divers can practice their skills: Plansee and Urisee.

Tips for diving

What to avoid at all costs:


  1. Diving under the influence of medication, alcohol or drugs
  2. Underestimating the "water" and acting carelessly
  3. Diving when feeling cold or ill
  4. Diving alone
  5. Ascending too quickly

What to do in any case:


  1. Inform yourself extensively about a new dive site
  2. Wear diving equipment
  3. Breathe correctly
  4. Partner check
  5. Good dive planning
  6. Observe safety stops
  7. Observe no-decompression time

What to do before diving (for the first time):


  1. Demist the diving goggles or rub them with toothpaste, let them dry and rinse them thoroughly - this way the goggles will not fog up under water