Breitenwang covers a large municipal area of 1,894 ha and consists of the districts of Mühl, Gipsmühle, Bad Kreckelmoos, Neumühle, Lähn and Plansee.


  • Sea level: 850 m
  • Inhabitants:1.471
  • Total Area: 18,95 km²
  • Population density: 78/km²
  • Districts: Breitenwang, Lähn, Mühl, Neumühl, Plansee

In terms of settlement, it has now grown together with the district capital Reutte, but it can look back on a much older settlement history. Breitenwang is already mentioned in the 12th century as the center of the original parish. The deanery parish church of St. Peter and St. Paul in its present form was newly built between 1685 and 1691; the church tower was erected shortly before. Of the rich, Baroque-style decoration of the church interior, many artistic works are particularly noteworthy.


Already in the 12th century Breitenwang went down in history by the death of the German Roman Emperor Lothar III. While passing through, he died in a Breitenwang farmhouse, on which an inscription can still be found today.


Today, Breitenwang is also the headquarters of the globally active Plansee Group, which is the largest employer in the entire Außerfern region.