Between forest and alp Tyrolean Lech Nature Park

Nature parks are protected areas that are home to a variety of interesting and rare animal and plant species. The Nature Park Tiroler Lech is one of five nature parks in Tyrol and the only one which is not located in the high alpine area.

It extends from the Lech Valley over the entire nature park region of Reutte. The central element in the Tyrolean Lech Nature Park is, as the name suggests, the wild river Lech. In many places still untamed, the Lech is allowed to do what once every river could do: spread out to its heart's content, branch out and reunite. In the nature park, nature conservation and recreation are to be combined, there is to be research and educational opportunities.



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Regional development is also an important goal and one of the 5 pillars of the Reutten Nature Park.

Nature Park House

If you drive upstream from the Reutte Nature Park region, you will discover a striking wooden structure on a bridge over the Lech in Elmen near the main road - the Klimmbrücke Nature Park House. Thus, the last wild river of the Northern Alps remains the main player in the nature park, even in the choice of location. On the Klimmbrücke, with a fantastic view of the Tyrolean Lech and the surrounding peaks of the Allgäu and Lechtal Alps, the nature park house is an information point and starting point for nature tours.

Birdwatching tower

The imposing bird watching tower with a height of 18 meters can be found in the Lechauen near Pflach.

A variety of breeding bird species found in Tyrol, including some rare marsh and water birds, can be observed in the Pflacher Au. The varied landscape with its numerous ponds and still waters represents a small paradise for birdlife and provides amateur ornithologists with numerous observation opportunities.

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Lake Riedener

Only a few meters away from the small village of Rieden in the Reutte Nature Park region lies the idyllic Rieden Lake in the forest.

There is a lot for nature lovers to discover here: for example, the Riedener See is home to Bilek's Azurjungfer, an extremely rare dragonfly species. The lake is also very calm and clear, yet it does not freeze over in winter. The reason for this is underground springs that provide constant movement that is, however, hardly perceptible from above. The water of the Rieden lake is very calcareous. Because of all these characteristics, the small lake is also called a lime spring bog. A nature trail leads around Rieden Lake and explains the numerous special features along the way.

Celtic Tree Circle

The Celtic tree circle in Vils consists of 22 tree species. The Celts assigned special characteristics to certain tree species, which can also be assigned to people.

Based on the date of birth of a person, one can see which tree species and thus which characteristics can be assigned to that person. Although these correlations have not been scientifically proven, it is still an entertaining activity.

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