Conquer bridge highline179 - A view with kick

Across the valley where the Fernpass B179 road runs, you can see an imposing steel structure at a dizzying height: the highline179, a spectacular pedestrian suspension bridge.


It takes a certain amount of courage to cross the 406-meter-long pedestrian suspension bridge at a height of 114 meters. But you will be rewarded for your courage: from the highline179 you have a fantastic panoramic view of the Reutte valley basin and the surrounding mountains - a view with a kick, just as the slogan promises.



Klause 1
6600 Reutte
+43 5672 62007


Opening hours:
MO to SU: 08:00 - 22:00 hrs.
Also open on holidays!


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The way from the visitor center to the highline179 can be conveniently shortened with the Ehrenberg Liner inclined elevator

Technical data

Bridge height 114,60 meter
Bridge length 406 meter
Walkway width 1,2 meter
Bridge held by 4 suspension ropes with 60 mm diameter each
Security 8 rock bolts with 17 meters each placed in the ground
Weight 70 tons
Bridge load max. 500 people

Experience hike From the Ehrenberger Klause to the highline179

The short hike begins at the Ehrenberg Castle World. From the starting point, you pass the ticket center and the valley station of the EhrenbergLiner on the ascent in the direction of the Ehrenberg castle ruins.


Adults (from 15 years) 10,00 EUR
Children (4 - 14 years) 6,00 EUR
Family ticket (2 adults + children) 30,00 EUR
Groups (from 20 adults) 9,00 EUR

Discounted tickets are available exclusively at the Ticket Center. Please buy the ticket before you make your way to the bridge!

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