Rieden & Ehenbichl

The picturesque, elongated village at the foot of the castle mountain with the ruin Ehrenberg is the ideal place to spend quiet, relaxing but also active vacations with the whole family.

  • Sea level: 862 m
  • Inhabitants: 846
  • Total Area: 7,28 km²
  • Population density: 116/km²
  • Districts: Ehenbichl, Rieden

The village was first mentioned in a document in 1404. Even today, a fresco on an Ehenbichl house bears witness to the oldest Lech crossing, which was between Ehenbichl and Höfen, a neighboring community. Today, a pedestrian bridge over the Lech connects Ehenbichl and Höfen. Among other things, it provides a shortened pedestrian connection to the valley station of Bergwelt Hahnenkamm. Ehenbichl is the ideal starting point for hikes, e.g. to the Ehrenberg ruins and the pedestrian suspension bridge highline179 or along the Lech River. A newly created path with a chapel extends the hiking possibilities.


Worth seeing in the village is the Magnus Chapel, which was built in 1680 due to a plague vow. The district hospital has also been located on Ehenbichl's municipal territory since 1968. The modern new building was put into operation in July 1997. Attached to it is the district nursing home "Haus Ehrenberg", as well as a helipad. Specialized personnel are trained in the health and nursing school, and student dormitories provide accommodation for students from outside the district.


Fraction Rieden

Rieden belongs to the municipality of Ehenbichl, but ecclesiastically and educationally to the municipality of Weißenbach. In earlier times, the logs rafted in the Lech River were transported from Rieden through the Klausen Forest over the Fernpass to the salt works in Hall. Around 1900, the Oldenbourg brothers - who came from a publishing family from munich and were the local hunting tenants - bought farmhouses and built manor houses in their place, which still frame and characterize the picturesque village center today.

The chapel of St. George in Rieden was built in 1900 in place of the old chapel. A fountain in the center of the village square completes the idyll.

The natural jewel Riedener See with its lime spring marshes is a unique habitat for rare animal and plant species and a popular destination for excursions all year round. The rare dragonfly species "Bileks Azurjungfer" is also native here. At the bottom of the crystal clear lake there are ancient tree trunks.