The nature park municipal Pinswang is located directly on the Bavarian border to Füssen and Schwangau, embedded in a green landscaped basin on the east bank of the Lech. Due to its sunny location, the place is also often referred to as "the Merano of the Ausserfern".


  • Sea level: 824 m
  • Inhabitants: 415
  • Total Area: 9,47 km²
  • Population density: 44/km²
  • Districts: Oberpinswang, Unterpinswang, Weißhaus

Pinswang was first mentioned in a document as early as 1095, making it one of the oldest settlements in the Reutte district. The eventful history of the village on the border suggests traces of the Celtic period and the Via Claudia Augusta, one of the most important trade routes in the Middle Ages, led through today's municipal area - which made the village historically very important.

Even today, the beautiful place still benefits from its fantastic location. The world-famous royal palaces are just a stone's throw away and can be easily reached on a walk or bike ride via Fürstenstraße. Both the Via-Claudia-Augusta cycle path and the long-distance hiking trail, as well as the Lechweg and -cycle path, lead through Pinswang, which makes the community a hub for long-distance hikers and cyclists.

© Mathias Struck

In Pinswang, it is worth taking a cross-border walk along the Baumkronenweg, a hike to the historic boundary stone at the border triangle or exploring the former fortresses of Schloss Loch and Sternschanze.

Pinswang and its highlights Interactive map

The lively village of Pinswang, which has around 415 inhabitants, succeeds in bridging the gap between the past and the present: traditional customs such as "yelling holla" and "Witch-burning with slice shooting" are still maintained, while at the same time people enjoy an excellent quality of life with the best infrastructure in the middle of the beautiful nature park region and the unspoilt Lech-meadows.

In any case, the beautiful nature in which Pinswang is embedded provides a spectacle at any time of the year. This Pinswang is really a special spot where you will definitely feel at home!