Welcome to the Nature Park Region Reutte

The nature park region Reutte is among other things also known as the GATE TO TIROL. With its 11 villages, the region stands for healthy originality as well as exciting natural and cultural experiences at the foot of the high mountains.


The element water plays a major role in the vacation destination in the north of Tyrol. In addition to the second largest lake in Tyrol, the Plansee, or the Lech, the last wild river in the Alps, the nature park region is home to numerous other mountain lakes - all of which are of drinking water quality. These may be used in summer for a jump into the cool water.

Gate to Tyrol

The most famous old Roman road, the Via Claudia Augusta, crosses the region and gives an idea of an eventful past.

The Ehrenberger Klause, former dam and customs station, as well as the fortifications Ehrenberg, Schlosskopf and Fort Claudia shape the image of the region and make history come alive.


Natural treasures



Another special feature of the Reutte Nature Park region is certainly the fact that numerous well-known and globally active companies have settled there. The region unites what would be seen as opposites: High technology exists here in harmony with man and nature.