Everything around water Swim & Bath

The sun shines strongly from the sky, its rays warm the skin. Already in the morning the air heats up. Whether you start the day on the mountain or in the valley, you know, only a jump into the water provides cooling on days like these. It's great that you can choose from a variety of bathing options in the Reutte Nature Park region. Whether in one of the crystal clear lakes with drinking water quality, in the Alpentherme Ehrenberg or in the adventure outdoor pool in Weißenbach - bathing fun is guaranteed in any case!

All bathing facilities

Various activities in and around the water also await you at the Urisee in Reutte, at the Alatsee near Vils and at the Baggersee in Weißenbach. So fun and variety are provided in any case.

Info about Bathing with dog in the lakes

Even on a hot summer day, a cooling down is a welcome change for your fur noses. Around Reutte there are numerous opportunities for this. Whether it's a walk along the Lech or a lap around one of the numerous lakes in our region, your four-legged friend will be happy to cool off in the summer.

  1. Plansee: here you will find a specially designed dog lawn in the direction of Sennalpe. Outside the sunbathing area please follow the signs.
  2. Urisee: swimming with a dog is no problem here either. Please note, however, that this is not permitted in the lido at Urisee.
  3. Frauensee: after circling the Frauensee, there is nothing to stop you from cooling off in the cool water.
  4. Baggersee & Alatsee: please note the signs here on which you can see where it is allowed/prohibited.