Correct behavior in an Emergency

No network?

No emergency call is possible without a network and in radio shadow. Change to a better location and dial 112 regularly. Euro emergency call: access to any available network when 112 is entered instead of the PIN code after switching on, or by means of the SOS emergency call function.

Emergency numbers

  • 112: European emergency call

  • 140: Mountain rescue - Alpine emergency call

  • 144: Rescue

  • 133: Police

  • 122: Fire brigade

Accident report

  1. Who reports / callback number?
  2. Where exactly is the accident site?
  3. What has happened?
  4. How many injured?

Control Center Tyrol Emergency app "SOS EU ALP"

The mobile app makes it possible to determine the location via the smartphone. These are transmitted to the regional control center to establish a direct voice connection. All emergencies to alert rescue services, mountain and water rescue or the fire department. For rapid and efficient assistance, ground- and/or air-based (e.g., emergency helicopter) are possible especially in medical and alpine rescue.