Pflach is located northeast of the district capital of Reutte, almost completely connected to it in terms of settlement, at the foot of the prominent border mountain, the 2047 m high Säuling. It is an elongated village consisting of the three districts of Oberletzten, Unterletzen and Wiesbichl.

  • Sea level: 840 m
  • Inhabitants: 1.592
  • Total Area: 13,83 km²
  • Population density: 115/km²
  • Districts: Pflach, Oberletzen, Unterletzen

At the beginning of the 16th century, the Augsburg trading house of Hoechstetter brought an economic boom by founding a brass works. Worth seeing are the "Hüttenkapelle", built in 1515 and dedicated to St. Ulrich and Afra, as well as the Church of the Three Kings and the Plague Chapel.

Hike at and around the Hüttenmühlsee with its rich flora and fauna. A stage of the Lechweg also leads through the village. The bird experience trail with five theme stations and a bird call quiz and the 18 m high observation tower offer interesting insights and wonderful views of the floodplain landscape. This offers suitable resting places for numerous breeding and migratory birds.