Nature Park Region Reutte Everything about cycling and biking

If you like to pedal, you can explore the nature park region Reutte on two wheels. Bike and MTB routes with different levels of difficulty lead you to destinations worth seeing.

Parts of the Ehrenberg castle ensemble are just as bikeable as some alpine inns and huts. A tour along the Lechradweg, on which you will get to know numerous special features of the river landscape along the Lech, the last wild one, is also particularly beautiful. Historically as well as scenically extremely interesting is the cycling on the old Roman road Via Claudia Augusta, one of the most popular long-distance cycling routes.

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For a successful ride 10 tips

  1. Healthy on the bike
  2. Plan carefully
  3. Only use suitable paths
  4. Bike check
  5. Complete equipment
  6. Always wear a helmet
  7. Pedestrians have priority
  8. Control speed
  9. Do not leave tracks
  10. Respect animals