Angling & Fishing

It is by no means fishing lore that the crystal clear lakes of the Reutte Nature Park region and the last wild river of the Northern Alps - the Lech - make every angler's heart beat faster due to their abundance of fish and idyllic location. While waiting for the perfect catch, the mind wanders and everyday life is left behind. In the midst of a beautiful mountain panorama, you can either fish alone and in peace and quiet, or you can go on a fishing trip with the whole family or friends.

The supreme discipline of fishing, fly fishing, can be practiced in the nature park region of Reutte. Already early in the morning you can see isolated fishermen standing at the edge of the shore, clouds of mist rise from the water and the sun still shines pale through the haze. Tranquility lies over the lake - you can only hear the gentle lapping of the waves, the quacking of the ducks and the soft snapping of the fishing line when casting - this is pure relaxation. But only until the fish bites, then it's time to reel in the line, crank and skillfully practice the art of fishing so that you can also bring home a catch.

Especially ideal for families is the fishing pond between Höfen and Weißenbach. Here you can try out whether you enjoy fishing, because you don't need a fishing license and you can also borrow the equipment. The pond is quite idyllic and abundantly stocked with trout and char. The fishing lodge at the fishing pond is open from May 1 to October 1.

Even in winter fishing is possible in the nature park region Reutte - ice fishing in the Urisee - a very special experience!

You can find out more about the individual fishing waters, fishing permits and general information at the tourist offices in the Reutte Nature Park Region.

The legal requirements to be allowed to fish in Tyrol can be found on the website of the Tyrolean Fishing Association.