Above the clouds of the nature park region Reutte Aviation

Flying like an eagle for once! Looking down, you see two valleys, the Reutten valley basin and the Tannheim valley, separated by a mighty chunk of limestone, the Hahnenkamm. The start is done. The Hahnenkamm, 1938 meters high, does not make the start easy, but once you are in the air you are rewarded with a fantastic view.  The morning sun makes the green of the forests appear even more intense, the turquoise lakes and streams shine even brighter and the jagged mountain massifs in the far distance appear even more striking.

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With the paraglider you have the choice between three cardinal directions: to the northwest, into the Tannheimer Tal; to the west, into the Lechtal or to the southeast, towards the Zugspitze.

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In addition to paragliders, gliders can also be spotted in the lightning blue sky. The airfield in Höfen makes every flyer's heart beat faster. In normal weather conditions, the valley wind offers the best conditions for constant and extensive climbing. The airfield is also the base of the motorized flying club and therefore offers the perfect place for pilots of motorized airplanes. If you are fascinated by flying, but prefer to keep solid ground under your feet, the model airplane sports club offers the right support. Whether it's a throw glider, tethered glider, powered glider or helicopter - there are also aircraft for beginners to try out.


West of Reutte in Tyrol, you float along the Lech River past Ehrenberg Castle World and highline179 toward the Allgäu Lake District. Enjoy the view of Neuschwanstein Castle and Hohenschwangau Castle of King Ludwig II directly in front of the unique backdrop of the Alps. Long-distance views to Lake Constance, Lake Starnberg or as far as Munich and the Tyrolean glacier areas are not uncommon.

Here, unforgettable balloon flights are possible from spring to autumn. The launch takes place either in the morning shortly before sunrise or in the evening about two hours before sunset. The journey time is about 1-1.5 hours.