Crisscrossing the Ammergebirge Ringbus-Experience

Experience an extensive mountain tour, swimming at the Plansee and hiking all over the Ammergebirge - and all this without your own car or without parking problems. From May 1st, the bus line 9624 will run from Oberau train station via Ettal and Linderhof past Lake Plansee to Reutte. This runs every hour on weekends and public holidays and is in operation until September 29th: the ideal opportunity to visit the royal castles Linderhof and Neuschwanstein without using the car, to relax around the Plansee or to go on a hike. The line 9624 takes hikers from the border back to the Graswangtal or to the train station.

All Bus Stations

  1. Oberau Bahnhof
  2. Ettal am Berg
  3. Ettaler Klostergasthof
  4. Ettaler Mühle
  5. Graswang Gröbl-Alm
  6. Graswang Brandwiese
  7. Linderhof Forsthaus
  8. Linderhof Schloss
  9. Parkplatz Sägertal
  10. Parkplatz Stock
  11. Parkplatz Grenze
  12. Hotel Ammerwald
  13. Plansee
  14. Plansee Seespitz
  15. Breitenwang Sportplatz
  16. Breitenwang Veranstaltungszentrum
  17. Reutte Abzw Ehrenbergstraße
  18. Reutte Isserplatz
  19. Reutte Bahnhof


*Note: no bike transport possible!

Tickets & Prices

Adults: 5,00 € 

Children: 2,00 €


*Valid tickets: All season tickets that are valid on sections of the route, such as the VVT ​​annual ticket, the Bayern ticket, the Deutschlandticket and guest tickets from the partner regions, are valid on the line.

Information & Timetable

  • Line: 9624

  • Period: 1st May bis 29th September

  • Times: from 08:00 h - 19:00 h

  • Saturday, Sunday and public holidays

Routing: The start at Reutte train station leads via Breitenwang to Plansee and further through the Graswangtal to Linderhof Castle and Ettal. The route leads into the heart of the Ammer Mountains.


Links: Times are perfectly adapted to the train connection Reutte station. You can also take lines 73 or 9606 (Füssen - Garmisch-Partenkirchen), 9622 (Oberammergau - Linderhof), 9624 (Oberau - Reutte) and 100 (Reutte - Füssen) to go home.

The route from the Ringschluss and the possible hiking routes can be found on the ring bus route and the digital map. Ringbusline