Castle World Ehrenberg Castle Ensemble & Hermitage

On a craggy rocky peak in a valley south of Reutte rise the defiant wall remains of the Ehrenberg castle ruins, Fort Claudia, the fortress at Schlosskopf and the Ehrenberger Klause. On the valley floor, the old customs post comes to life in the Ehrenberger Klause.


Since time immemorial, the route over the Fernpass has been the most popular trade route from north to south and vice versa. Already the Roman road Via Claudia Augusta led through the Ehrenberger Klause. Today, you can follow in the footsteps of the Romans on the popular long-distance bike path Via Claudia Augusta from Augsburg to Florence.

The Ehrenberg castle ensemble is one of the oldest fortifications in the northern Tyrolean foothills of the Alps.

  • Since 2014, the medieval walls have been enriched by one more attraction. The pedestrian suspension bridge highline179 connects at a dizzying height what was once separated by cannon shots: the Ehrenberg castle ruins and Fort Claudia.

  • In 2018, the reconstructed hornwork below Ehrenberg Ruin was opened. Inside, there is a legend dungeon for our younger guests as well as an exhibition on the topic of attack & defense. An exciting Knight Rüdiger themed playground is also located in the Schlossanger.

  • Since 2019, the route from the visitor center to Ehrenberg Ruin and highline179 can be conveniently shortened with the newly built Ehrenberg Liner inclined elevator.


  • Since 2023, the Schlosskopf panoramic mountain has also been barrier-free for all visitors with the 2nd inclined elevator: Top Liner. The valley station of the Top Liner is right next to the mountain station of the existing Ehrenberg Liner.

Visitors can hike the castles from the Klause on easily accessible trails. Young guests will get their money's worth during the exciting treasure hunt for the magical Ehrenberg sword or for the Wizard of White Light. Booklets for the treasure hunt as well as souvenirs are available at the information and visitor center in the Ehrenberger Klause.

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