01.07.2022 Eva's Eisdeal - Happiness can be bought after all

Since April 6th Reutte has a new ice cream parlor! "Eva's Eisdeal" can be found at the address Zeillerplatz 1 in the newly designed Reutten Untermarkt and was very successful from the start. Especially on the weekends the nice little ice cream parlor is really stormed

I am already very excited to learn everything from the owner Eva-Maria Kerber, when I meet her for a personal interview in her realm and ask her to first tell me something about herself and her background.

Eva-Maria comes from Grän in the Tannheim Valley and lives with her husband and two daughters in Breitenwang. After training as a teacher for the subjects of nutrition, home economics, handicrafts and German, she worked in various schools for almost 20 years. In addition, she offered popular themed cooking courses, such as men's cooking courses or vegetarian cuisine. The dream of self-employment was already there, it was also always clear that this would revolve around cooking and baking. When a friend enthusiastically told her about an ice cream maker she had bought for her home, Eva-Maria bought one. She enthusiastically tried out recipes and realized that this would be her professional future - her own ice cream parlor, where she could live out her creativity and do as she pleased. With this clear goal in mind, Eva attended the ice cream school and learned the craft from scratch. An inquiry at the market town of Reutte revealed that a suitable store in the Untermarkt was available. The attractive premises and the possibility of setting up tables and chairs outside in front of the ice cream parlor and sitting comfortably were the deciding factors - Eva jumped at the chance.

The remodeling of the store was tackled with combined forces, the necessary equipment was ordered, a name was found and a suitable logo was designed - then it all started!


Which ice cream flavors are available at Eva's Eisdeal?

I offer - in addition to the classic ice cream varieties such as vanilla, chocolate and strawberry - always changing ice cream varieties and always try out new creations. So you can find with me apple strudel, popcorn, rhubarb, lemon and mango as well as blueberry sour cream, turmeric lemongrass, pumpkin seed or hazelnut.


Where do you get the ideas for the constantly changing ice cream flavors?

Of course, I have an extensive recipe portfolio from my training days and like to tinker. On certain occasions, I also like to create matching ice creams - one example is the "Rosy Ice Cream" with the "Miss Rosy Wehrmut", which I made for Markus Saletz Lieblingsweine on the occasion of the Rosénacht at the end of May. I am always very happy about cooperations with local companies! I have just made a yogurt sea buckthorn ice cream for Aromapflege Evelyn Deutsch, further varieties with the natural products of this company are in planning. By the way, my ice cream is also available at the "Joyce" in Kempten - this is made possible by the good cooperation with Josef Socher, who runs the "Joyce" next door.


What else is good with you?

With me you also get selected coffee specialties with coffee from domestic roasting of huangart, such as my favorite creation, the "Cafe der Dielerin". Each coffee is of course served with a small ice cream scoop.


Do you also have ice cream sundaes?

With the "Deal of the day" I offer an ice cream sundae composed by me. In addition, each customer can put together their own favorite sundae and choose toppings. If desired, the ice cream creations are also served in a deposit glass, which can either be returned or taken home.


Where do the ingredients for the ice cream specialties come from?

I buy regionally as far as possible - the honey, for example, comes from my parents from their hobby apiary, the sea buckthorn syrup from Aromapflege in Lechaschau. I get the milk from Tirol Milch. I also attach great importance to seasonal products - so there is currently apricot ice cream to match the season, in the fall it will be plum.
My ice cream is completely without artificial colors and flavors and there are always several varieties of fruit ice cream that are lactose-free and vegan.
For other food intolerances please just ask, then I can respond.


Very popular are your bubble waffles - what exactly is that?

Every Thursday we prepare fresh bubble waffles with a specially shaped waffle iron. In these still warm waffles come two ice cream scoops of your choice, fresh strawberries, on top there is cream, fruit syrup and sprinkles as desired.


Please introduce your team to us:

Besides me, my husband, my two daughters and also my mom help. In addition, I am very happy to have found more than just a reliable employee in my friend Judith.

What makes your business so special?

All my heart and soul and my passion for food goes into Eva's Eisdeal. It's a great feeling to make other people happy with something I love to do. Anyone who goes out for ice cream has decided to enjoy it and do something good for themselves. I am very happy that I can make my contribution to this!

What are the current opening hours?

Until the end of August, the summer opening hours are from Wednesday to Monday, each from 13:00 - how long then daily is open depends on the weather and demand, I want to be able to react flexibly. On Tuesday and the mornings I devote myself entirely to the ice cream production.


What are the plans for the future?

I would like to offer in the winter months, in addition to the classic ice cream, homemade cakes and pastries. There will also be punch and mulled wine in the fall and Advent, as well as Ziachkiachle and Krapfen.

I thank Eva for the nice conversation and look forward to the ice cream, which of course I take now.


Contact details:

Eva’s Eisdeal
Zeillerplatz 1
6600 Reutte

phone +43 (0)676 7248510


Tip: On Facebook and on WhatsApp you can find in the status message the ice cream flavors that are currently offered

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